Teaching Sermons
Covenant with the LORD
Poems, Riddles, Parables and sayings
Spanish Translation of No Mark No Service
Letter to my Dad
No Mark No Service
Statement of Faith
Prophecies of the LORD to a Nation
Meditating on the Scriptures
Teaching Sermons

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Three Mighty Destroyers

Exhortation on Repentance

Reproofs and Instructions, a way of life

Handling, eating and partaking

Lucem ferre - the light bearer

The Surrendered Will

A Life without FAITH is a life without God

Fire from God Fire from Satan

Suffering as a Christian

The Famine of the Curse

Sinning with knowledge

Speaking unto God

Preaching Jesus, Preaching Repentance, Preaching Baptism

Hearing God's Voice; Hearing God's Warnings

Different facets of Resurrections

5th 6th and 7th Trumpets

Day of the Lord Prophecy

Prophecies of the Prophets

Inscription Prophecies

What is a mark?

Seats of Power

These be thy gods

Time no longer

The beast the whore the waters

Mathew 28 One Baptism, One Faith, One God and Father

The Dragon

Revelation Session #6

Judgment upon Babylon

When does Babylon fall ?

Mystery of harlot woman and beast

Mystery of the Dragon

Revelation session #5

Revelation session #4

Great Tribulations for Believers'

Trumpets and Vials (compared)

The Gifts and the Calling

While the earth remains

For the Elect sake


Truth will be HATED in the NEW WORLD ORDER

Hearing Gods Voice

Saints and the Tribulations

Righteousness Exalts a Nation

Dont be taken unaware

The Days of Gibeah

The People of Gibeah

Sexual immorality

The Reversal of Morality

The Reprobate Mind Part 2

The Fall of Saints

Is God bothering you

Moses will soon Speak for God again

What good is the Day of the Lord to you?

The Earths Destruction under Gods Wrath

As it was in the beginning so it will be at the end!

RSVP Required

Be Ready to Depart Immediately

When Grace is Over

Judgement falls - Deliverance comes

The Reprobate Mind - REVERSING morality

Can I NOT be a Christian and NOT know it?

Sinning against the LORD "Persistent unfaithfulness"

Bearing Fruit

Concerning the Condition of the Churches on the Day of The Lords return

The Inscription Prophecy in Genesis

Self denial is a key to Holiness

ENTERING into the Salvation of the LORD

Dreams v. Visions

Apostacy, Error and, Heresy

Living Right Before the Lord

The Levite Portion

The Biblical Concept of Eating and Drinking

I MUST be regarded as Holy

unclean spirits and demonic forces

Wrong Words and Wrong Actions

Different Tongues

The Pathway of Great men of God

Turn back to God

Spiritual Hypocracy

Two Ways

Day of Lord v. Day of Christ

Saved from Sin

Genuine fatherhood

Troubles and storms in Life

Sun Moon and Stars

Appointed for destruction

Presenting your offering to the Lord

The wicked shall fall

The Few

Living Old Living Honorably

False believers

Gods Judgement

Parable of Sower

The Curse of Poverty

Power perfected in weakness

A divided interest

Every Believer needs two baptisms

Saints and the Tribulations

My Presence will go with you

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